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Fishing is a gathering skill that allows you to gather what the lakes, rivers and seas of Britannia has to offer. One can find amazing treasures of ancient shipwrecks long lost to time and even the occasional old pair of boots can be fished up from the local docks.

Who can use it?

  • Cooks get fishing as a primary skill and can train it to 100%
  • Animal Tamers are able to train it to 65%
  • Alchemists are able to train this skill to 40%


To train the skill you simply use a fishing pole on any body of water. At higher skill you can attempt using fishing nets in deep water.

Fishing Pole and Nets

The tools of the trade are simply a fishing pole and fishing net. The nets require a higher skill to use, and you will have to acquire a ship by either buying a boat from the local shipwright or find a carpenter who is skilled enough to craft one, since nets only work in deep ocean waters.

  • To use a fishing pole, you need to equip it and double-click it before choosing a nearby water tile.
  • To use the fishing nets, you need to double-click the net before choosing a nearby water tile.

Message in a Bottle

Occasionally you might fish up a Message in a Bottle (MiB) that tell you the X and Y coordinates of a shipwreck. To act on this just need a ship to sail to that precise location and fish that spot using a fishing rod, eventually you will fish up a chest that is locked.

  • High lockpicking is required to unlock the treasure chest and have all sorts of stuff inside.
  • The Message needs to be in your main backpack, else you'll never fish up the treasure

To find where in the world the coordinates point you, i would recommend choosing the "go to location" in UOAM, and entering the coordinates there (best to disable tracking player temporary as you drop down the marker). In the UO client you can use the ".where" command to see your precise location in Pangaea.

Trolling at Sea

When you own a boat you can troll for monsters which will use bait to attract monsters while at sea. You could consider this a type of hunting, and you might want some friends with you to tackle the beasts that are pulled in.

See Sea Monsters for more info

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