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a tome

The Holy Tome is the book that contains all the spells that a Priest, Monk, Ranger and Knight can use if they're in a Religion.

The spells contained in the Holy Tome or Canon as some call it, are known not as spells but as rites.

Casting Rites

Casting Rites is quite simple, much like casting from a Codex Damnorum or a Druid Bag, one can either click the little blue gem in the tome's gump or speak the power words that correspond to the rite you wish to cast. Speaking the power words is the preferred method in casting rites as it allows the user to set up simple macros either through the in-game macro options or through other third party tools such as EasyUO.

Casting a Rite is based on two main factors, those being the caster's Meditation skill as well as the caster's Piety. While the caster might successfully pass the Meditation skill requirement he may not meet the Piety requirement and thus be unseccessful at casting the desired rite. One can consider Piety as a sort of "hidden" skill as it is not readily apparent what one's Piety is through the in-game interface.

The Foci

While Druidry, Magery and Necromancy Spells require reagents, Rites also require reagents. These are however not referred to as reagents but instead as Focus or Foci for the plural version. These are however not found on vendors or on NPC Monsters, they are instead created by casting Create Focus on different basic materials.

These Foci are not consumed the same way that a reagent is for other spells, instead when you cast the rite, there is a chance that the Focus will be consumed. Also it is important to note that depending on the piety of the person that created the Focus, it gives it more durability so it is not uncommon to get many many casts out of one Focus.


Rites are the spells of the Knight, Monk, Priest and Ranger classes once they have entered a religion. Below is a table of all the rites currently available in-game. Rite cheat sheet

Sacraments Holy Rites Holy Rites Holy Rites Holy Rites

There is a final page of 8 rites that are unique to the each religion, well mostly, there are one or two that are common between the religions found on this page but for the most part they're unique to their own religion.

Imperial Rituals Law Rituals Nature Rituals Tekstone Rituals

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