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When you start a new charater, the following image will be prompt, as usual in Ultima Online:


Please note that in Pangaea there is a custom class-system, therefore there is no need of the Ultima standards Warrior, Mage and Blacksmith. You must choose ADVANCED in order to procede. Then another gump will appear:


In this screen, the choosen skills and stats are irrelevant, so you shouldn't care about what you choose in this screen, however you must choose anything to procede. When you enter in the world, a custom gump will allow you to choose everything.

Picking starting skills/stats

For Fighters

Some of the hardest skills to train are:

  1. Lockpicking
  2. Resisting Spells
  3. Healing

The most valuable skills to train are:

  1. Healing
  2. Anatomy
  3. Tactics
  4. Resisting Spells

It is generally best to put all your stats into strength

For Magic Users

The hardest skills to train are:

The most valuable skills to train are:

It is generally best to put all your stats into strength

For Merchants

The hardest skills to train are:

It is generally best to put all your stats into strength

Earning gold

The most common way to earn some gold when starting out is to head to a field and harvest some crops. Carrots and cabbage not only provide food for you and your pets, but vendors buy them for a few coins and it builds up your strength as well.

Wheat can be harvested and turned into flour near a flour mill (there's one located near the baker in Britain).

And lastly, cotton and flax can be harvested, then turned into yarn and cloth in the tailor shop, and then cut into bandages which fighters are more than happy to buy from you on the sales boards. This is usually the most profitable method.

After you've gained some strength and equipment, a few more options become available:

Fighters and Magic Users

For Merchants

Training skills with vendors

Vendors are NPC merchants that you can interact with to sell and buy items. Some of them are also able to train you in certain skills in exchange for gold, but only up to 20 points.


  1. Walk up to a vendor and say "Vendor train"
  2. They will tell you what skills they can train, each vendor is different
  3. Say "Vendor train [Skill name]" (make sure you do not train skills that the class you wish to enter does not possess, check here to see:
  4. Drag the amount of gold to the vendor that he has specified as a cost
  5. You have gained a portion of that skill, vendors cannot train you beyond 25% of the points your class is allowed.


When you die, you become a ghost, unable to physically interact with the world.

  • No one can see you as a ghost, unless you are in "War Mode". It can be set in your paperdoll, or by holding down the Tab key.
  • No one can understand you as a ghost. Anything you say will appear to them as "OOooOooooo" (Only characters proficient in Spirit Speak will be able to understand you)
  • All items you had will stay with your corpse (except for certain noobified beginner objects). If you do not get back to your corpse in time, it will decay and eventually your items as well. Most monsters will loot your corpse when close by (you will have to kill them in order to get your items back). A quick way to loot everything from your corpse is with the "grab" command.
Statue of Ankh on UltimaOnline


When you die you can be resurrected by the following means:

  • NPC Healers: These can be found around the world wearing a robe and wizard's hat
  • Other Players: If they see you as a ghost they might be willing/able to resurrect you with healing or magic
  • Ankhs: These are scattered across the land (see the image on the right).


Picture of plague bearer

Plague, a fairly unique mechanic in regards to most other Ultima Online shards. This is considered a poison, though it could almost certainly be classified as a disease, but to keep it simple, it is thrown in the poison category. While the normal cure potions or spells do not cure it, it can be cured multiple ways, including but certainly not limited to the bard's Song of Cleansing and a Cleric's rite Purification.

Plague is unique in itself from the other poison types because unlike the basic poison types, those who are infected with Plague are able to spread it to other players and NPCs through close proximity of each other. It can be a very effective way of ravaging a city and crippling the city's defenses. It is important to note that if one plagues an NPC, they do not drop their natural loot, it will however drop any loot that it has looted. This is very good to note because should you find yourself with no other options in retrieving your belongings, there is still hope if you can find someone who can utilize Plague potions or spells.

Robbers (.mayday)

Sometimes, you might find robbers around (Players that dedicate their life to crime). When in trouble, players can use the command ".mayday" and call the local authorities (Order of Law or Order of Imperial), so they can be warned and help you as fast as they can.

It is not allowed to rob a baseclass character, even if you yourself are in baseclass. Performing a robbery on a baseclass character is against shard rules and staff will handout punishment for breaking the rules.

Picking weapons

Check the Skill requirements for weapons list or utilize the in game tooltips in order to check what weapon fits you the best generally a range of -2 to +13 points of the weapon requirement is a decent rule of thumb.


Macroing, the art of looping a skill or ability over and over again in hopes to gain skill, monetary value or resources. On Pangaea, you are allowed to macro, you can use programs such as EasyUO UOLoop OpenEasyUO or ClassicAssist.

  • UOLoop allows for you to create fairly simplistic macros through the in game macro system and it will simply send the the key press to the client every X seconds for it to trigger the macro you set up in game.
  • EasyUO however is a different beast altogether, with this handy tool you can create very extensive and complex macros. This tool requires you to learn how to write macros, but once someone has become even slightly proficient with the sometimes clumsy code, they are able to make some fairly good macros. This is the tool of choice when it comes to macroing on Pangaea for the simple fact that it can do some extraordinary tasks with the client.
  • OpenEasyUO Is similar to EasyUO but utilizes JSON files and some of its capabilities surpass even EasyUO.
  • ClassicAssist Is a program used to create macros for those using the ClassicUO or TazUO clients.

Be warned however, while macroing is perfectly legal on Pangaea, Unattended macroing is not allowed. This is where the Macro Check comes in, it is a simple Gump that appears in game and asks you to input a two digit number that is shown in the gump. You have 10 minutes to answer with the correct answer before you are kicked offline and your name is added to the infamous "Unattended Macroing List". Do not fret if you fail a macro check or two, most veterans have failed at least one and most two, it is not the end of the world unless you are a habitual offender of this rule. If you find yourself having failed a macro check and your skill dropped, if you are very mad, the best advice would be to take a break from the game for a couple days to a week and let it blow over and pick up the pieces. It really is not anything to get steamed about, it happens to the best of the players on Pangaea, just do not make it a regular habit to breaking this rule.

Through the use of EasyUO and a Macro Check Alarm script, you are able to multitask a little easier while macroing, however, there are a couple points you ought to consider:

  • Be vigilant, should you find yourself needing to leave the room, ensure that you have completely stopped your macro and if you are going to be gone longer than 5 minutes or you are unsure of the length of time, log out. It is always better to be safer then very sorry later.
  • If you are waiting for an audio cue if a macro check gump appears, ensure your speakers are on and the volume turned up to an appropriate level and that your computer's sound is not muted and also it's volume at an appropriate level. Some people, including the person typing this now, have failed macro check(s) in the past for simple mistakes such as these, there was no forgiveness shown nor should there have been.

Joining your class

So your ready to join class? Do not be too hasty, there are tips and tricks you might consider before joining class, most veterans know them, but for those amongst us who are fairly new to Pangaea and the Class System that Pangaea offers, these are invaluable tips for the long life your character may have.

To begin with, just because you have the required two skills it takes to join your class, you might consider raising your desired classes' tertiary and penalty skills to their appropriate levels as they will raise faster in pre-classed. Once you have done this, you also might consider raising your secondaries to 65 as this means ultimately less time training while in class, while your secondary skills will not raise any faster pre-class than in class, it just means less training, indeed in most cases safer training.

However, once you have raised the skills to the levels you wish to get them to, head to your guild master and say join the class by using the word "join" either by itself or if you wish to properly adhere to a better RP atmosphere, which is something we should all strive for, use it in a sentence such as "I'd like to join your class."

Also upon joining your class, you are no longer protected by shard rules from robberies.