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Alchemical equipment

Alchemy is a merchant skill, it is used to create a wide variety of different potions that have various effects on the character that drinks them, it is also used to charge alchemical symbols.

Who can use it?

  • Alchemists utilise Alchemy as their primary skill and are able to train it to 100%
  • Cooks and Scribes are also able to use the skill and can train it to 65%


To train alchemy, you will need, ingredients (or reagents as they are known in UO), a mortar and pestle, and numerous empty bottles. After double clicking your mortar and pestle and targeting your chosen reagent, you will either succeed or fail at creating a potion. If you do succeed the mixture will be poured into one of your empty bottles and is then ready to use. If you fail the consequences can be disastrous, and explosions and poisonings are not uncommon.

At more advanced levels of alchemy, a heating stand and alembic may be required.

Alchemy is complemented by the skill Taste Identification, which when trained to a similar level as your alchemy, will allow you more success with your brewing.

Skill Guide

20-50 - Lesser cure potions, Lesser heal potions, Lesser poison potions
50-55 - Normal cure potions
55-60 - Normal heal potions
60-65 - Normal heal potions, Normal poison potions

*When training an Alchemist, it is recommended that Alchemy is chosen to start at 50.0,as it can be a notoriously frustrating skill to train at low levels.

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