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Immeasurable quantities of ore can be found just mining along any mountain face or buried deep in the heart of a mountain's vast cave system. While there are some mines that are productive, offering up rare metals, others just offer up Copper, Dull Copper, Bronze or Iron. If huddling inside a dark cave illuminated only by a tiny candle is not your idea of fun, mining does offer other opportunities such as the vast swamp systems that are located around the world which is the best way to collect clay that is than used to make earthenware as well as various other items. Then there are the sunny dunes of Nu'Jelm that offer the best way for a miner to collect vast amounts of sand which can then be converted into glass.

Pangaea offers quite an extensive list of ores, some are more useful then others and some make better armor then weapons and better weapons then armor. To find out what ore is located at a specific spot, it is best to buy some Assay Kits, these are very helpful in that they will tell you if there is a special ore located at or near the spot you select. Keep in mind however, being able to identify ore locations with an Assay Kit is reliant on your mining skill.


To use the skill, acquire a shovel for sand and clay mining, double click it and target the spot you wish to mine. For mining caves and mountains, acquire a pick axe or hammer pick, equip it, double click the pick axe and target the mountainside or cave floor you wish to mine.


Below is a guide to get Mining to 65 in skill.

Skill Resources to Mine
0 - 20 Vendor Train
20 - 40 Sand
40 - 50 Verite
50 - 60 Azurite, Executioner, Syntian
60 - 65 Aughlite, Azurite, Radlius, Spirit Stone


  1. You can make shovels and pick axes out of Bronze, Copper, Dull Copper and Iron ore.
  2. Keep a couple Assay Kits on you while out mining, never know if you'll find an undiscovered vein.
  3. Keep an eye out for golems as you mine, they have a tendency to not like the miners who have awakened them.

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