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Lockpicking is a skill that allows you to open locked chests or dungeon chests by using lockpicking. Different kind of chests have different skill requirements. And remember to Remove Trap before opening the chest.

  • You will need Lockpicks, which is a tool the tinker makes for the use of picking locks.

Starters guide to Lockpicking

Welcome to one of the hardest skills in the game! What youll need to get started are a good number of lockpicks who you can get those from any tinker, vendors sell very few ammounts at a time but its a start. Lockpicks arent the only thing youll need, you also require the equipment and skills to survive getting to the chests but i dont need to tell you that. Always remove the traps from any chest you find, they are trapped unless someone else already removed it. But where to start you may ask?

Start by vendor training this, the Theif at Cove can help with that.

After that Despise is a very good place to start, first and second levels have chests you can get to without much problems, stay clear of the bog-stuff and the spiders and you are golden.

The new Ant cave is also good, the second level might be a bit too hard for beginners though.

Orc Fort, south of cove is also a good spot for beginners in lockpicking even if they might have trouble with the magic users or some of the stronger orcs.

Side note: stay away from Covertus.

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