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a world map

Cartography is a merchant skill, it is used to create and decode maps, and also to decode Alchemy pages.

The maps created with this skill can also be used to plot a course for boats.

Who can use it?

  • Scribes utilize Cartography as one of their primary skills and are able to train it to 100%
  • Treasure hunter is also able to train the skill to 100% and in many ways has more use for it than the scribe.
  • Thief and the Assassin are also able to use Cartography to a limited degree and can train the skill to 40%.


To train Cartography, you will require only a vast quantity of blank maps. You simply double-click on the blank map and select what type of map you want to try and make.

*Cartography is considered one of the more difficult skills to train on Pangaea, largely due to the sheer quantity of blank maps required to train it and also due to the difficulty in storing those maps.

Skill Guide

20 - 40 - Detailed
40 - 65 - Regional

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