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Detailed table of skills and classes
Table about Class Requirements

Every character is in a class. They begin in a base class which are Fighter, Magic User and Merchant. When the character has gained the required skills and stats to join a profession, they can talk to the Guildmaster of the class they wish to join, in order to advance further in skills.

List of Professions

For more details on the requirements for each professional class, view their page.
Fighter Magic User Merchant
  • Merchant classes get a special merchant title which will indicate how well they've mastered their profession.

The Class System


Skills are divided into 5 sections : Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Penalty and Denied.

Primary skill can advance to 100%,
Secondary skill can advance to 85%
Tertiary skill can advance to 65%
Penalty skill can advance to 40%
Denied skill may not advance at all,

More details on this are seen below. Keep in mind, that while some classes may have more Primary skills, it does not make them more powerful.


The class system works like this: After choosing your base-class, you can have a lot of skills to 65%. When you get enough skills in an area, you may join the professions, which suits that area, i.e. a Fighter, may choose a Warrior, after he reaches 65% tactics and 65% in either of the three melee fighting skills. Do this by finding the Warriors Guildmaster and say “join”. When you join this profession, you will lose any denied skills, or get penalty skills set to 40% (if they were above than 40% of course). You may now use all of Warriors advantages, but should you wish to retire, that is also possible.

Changing Professions

To change a profession, you first need to retire from your current class.

View the details of class restrictions on the relevant class page.


Retiring from a profession to join a new one is simple to do, but you will have to wait 5 days until you can join a class after retiring.
When you wish to retire from a class, you must find the guildmaster you signed up at and say “retire”.
  • You will be prompted about if you are sure, when you do so, your skills will be put back to base-class again.
When you retire, you are returned back to your base class, and all skills become restricted to 65%
  • Your skills and stats from previous class will return once you have joined a class again, within the class restrictions though.
    Keep in mind that it is only your last class skills that will be saved, not the highest one you ever had.

New Class

  • You can only join a class that is within the same base class
Your skills and stats will return once you enter a new class, but will be arranged to the new class restrictions:
  • Stats works exactly the same way as skills do, when you change your class.


  • you cannot go from being a fighter and become a merchant.
  • If you had 100% in a primary skill in previous class, but the new class does not have that skill as a primary, then your skill will be lowered to fit the new restrictions.

Fully Trained

When a player is fully trained in all skills allowed by his class, he can join the Heighten class. To join he must go to the guild master of his class, and say “I’m fully trained”. If you are not fully trained, you will be presented with a list of skills you still needed to train before you can advance.

When fully trained, you will be able to select 3 skills as heighten skills. Any heighten skill can advance 5% above normal class restriction. You can not select denied skills as heighten skill. Once you have selected your 3 heighten skills, you cannot reselect them unless you quit the class. Should you quit your class all skill gain (in the heighten class) will be lost for good.


Skill gains in heighten class are 10 times harder,than gains in the 90′s (90%-100%). Opposed to skill gain in normal/base class, you can gain skill wearing magic clothing, when you are in heighten class. It comes with the cost of slower gains. For each +2 boost the gain is made 1 time harder, so with a +10 cloth on, the gain rate will be 15 times harder than gain in the 90’s.

Heightened Titles

  • Legendary at 103% in certain skills
  • Ancient at 105% in certain skills

When players from merchant class select skills, they MUST select their “merchant” skill to be granted a better title (i.e. a tinker must select tinkering as one of he 3 skills, a smith must select blacksmithy as one of he 3 skills etc.). When Bob the Cook reaches 103 in cooking, he will be known as a “Legendary cook”, instead of a “Grandmaster cook” and at 105 cooking he will be an “Ancient cook”.

For players in base-class fighter and magic-user, it works a little different. They’ll be granted a title of “Legendary”, when the average of 3 skills have reached 103, and when the average of the 3 skill is 105 (all maxed out) they will be “Ancient”.

Heightened Gaining Delay

Once you gain, you will not be able to gain again in that skill until the “heighten gain delay” is over. This delay is set to 4 real life days. To find out when you can gain again, you must say “continue my training” to your guild master.

Macroing when Heightened

If you are caught macroing unattended in a heighten skill, you will be dropped to 20 (and any skill gain in the heighten class will be lost too) just like normal. After that you will have to train the skill to its max, and then rejoin the heighten class (by saying “fully trained”). You will not be able to gain in any of the 2 other skills until you have rejoined heighten class.

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