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A tough, heavy armored and heavy equipped fighting machine. On top of having impressive stats – he/she can also master and melee weapon and knows where it hurts when he/she strikes his/her blows on his enemies.

What makes the warrior different from other classes is his amazing health regeneration. They can regenerate health over time ten times as quickly as other classes.

Requirements and Limits

Warrior Requirements

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
80 55 10
Required Skills
Required and any ONE of the following
Class Statcap
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Combined Statcap
150 120 80 265
Available Skills
Primary (100%) Secondary (85%) Tertiary (65%) Penalty (40%)
Armor restrictions for warrior
Leather No restrictions
Studded Leather No restrictions
Bone No restrictions
Ringmail No restrictions
Chainmail No restrictions
Platemail No restrictions

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