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The archer is a great class in a group, an Archer's arrows are deadly by themselves, but once the Archer has trained in the art of poisoning and he applies Poison to his arrows, he is elevated from great to superb! In a pinch, when things get too close for comfort, an Archer can always fall back on his Fencing skill.

Requirements and Limits

Archer Requirements

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
55 75 10
Required Skills
Required and any ONE of the following
Class Statcap
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Combined Statcap
120 130 85 265
Available Skills
Primary (100%) Secondary (85%) Tertiary (65%) Penalty (40%)
Armor restrictions for archer
Leather No restrictions
Studded Leather No restrictions
Bone No restrictions
Ringmail No restrictions
Chainmail No restrictions
Platemail All exept the chest piece

Small guide

Start off with 50str 10dex 10int, skills 50% resisting spells (you'll thank me when you start training this) 30% healing 30% archery. You start off by buying/training fencing (use the dagger you start with) and start collecting what ever to make money to buy bolts/arrows. Killing lizards and stuff, perhaps harvesting to get str and money (str is required for better armour).

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