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Carpentry is a merchant skill, it is used to create a wide variety of different wooden items such as containers, furniture, decorative item deeds, boats, and various other miscellaneous wooden items.

Who can use it?


To train Carpentry, you will require a number of different things, firstly wooden logs, which are obtained through Lumberjacking and using an axe on a tree. To craft the logs into items you will require a hammer. After double clicking the hammer and targeting the logs, you can choose what item to try and craft.

*More complex items such as deeds and boats will require many different items to craft.

Skill Guide

As usual, this is just a guide, there are many other things you can craft to train your skill.

0-20 - Vendor Train
20-40 – Stools
40-50 – Small crates
50-60 – Large Crates
60-65 – Oaken Thrones
Example of difficulty and different log types
• 75-100 -> Blank Runes
• 75-80 -> Normal log runes
• 80-82 -> Walnut runes
• 82-86 -> Date runes
• 86-90 -> Yucca runes
• 90-96 -> O’hii runes
• 96-100 -> Yew runes


Image shows the many items the carpenter can create

You look for a carpenter when you need things such as:


There are many tools associated with the Carpenter, but these can be considered the essentials:

  • Saw: Double-click the item and select any log, it will turn them into wooden planks
  • Moulding/Joining Plane: Double-click the item and select any log, lets you create most things
  • Smoothing Plane: Double-click it and select planks to create paper items

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