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By using tinkering tools you are able to tinker jewels, obsidian, bottles and many other items.

The most needed items created with tinkering are obsidian steeds, porcelain steeds and stat jewels. With tinkering you can create so much more however.

A visual list of most of the items created through tinkering

All of the metal items can be made from ANY kind of ingot. Customized tools, Chests, keys, and so much more!
All of the Wooden items can ONLY be made from plain "logs"

Skill guide

Its recommended to craft these items at each skill level, but im sure there are better items out there. So experiment alot and see what works best for you.

20-30 empty bottles
30-40 shovels
40-50 clock parts
50-60 clocks
60-65 pen and ink

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