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Cooking is a merchant skill, it is used to create the many different food items that exist on Pangaea, some of which have various effects on your character when eaten.

Who can use it?

  • Cooks utilise Cooking as their primary skill and are able to train it to 100%
  • Animal Tamer and Tailor are also able very capable and can train the skill to 85%

How is it trained?

To train Cooking, you will require the following items: mixing bowl, water barrel, oven, skillet, rolling pin. The ingredients required range from raw meat to eggs to blue fish. Different combinations and methods of preparation result in a different finished meal.

A Cook book is available to purchase with detailed recipes for each dish.

*Cooking is considered to be one of the easiest skills to train on Pangaea, and a Cook is highly recommended as good a starter character for a first-time player on Pangaea

Skill Guide

0-20 - Vendor train
20-65 - Cook the amount of fish steaks at once which has the skill requirement closest to your skill.

Tools of the trade

These are the items most used by this skill

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