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The Scribe Guildmaster in Britain

Inscription is a merchant skill, it is used to copy spells from spellbooks which can than be placed in new spellbooks or can be used independent of a spellbook by magic users. The Inscription skill isn't just about copying Magery scrolls however, it is also used to inscribe Necromancy Scrolls into a Codex Damnorum.

Along with scroll inscribing and copying, Inscription also allows players to make runebooks and copy runebooks. A player is also able to take books that others have written in game and make them read only so that they are unable to be edited by others. Inscription can also be used to rename elite items (best quality made weapons weapons and armour).

Who can use it?

  • Scribes utilise Inscription as their primary skill and are able to train it to 100%
  • Alchemists are also able to use the skill and can train it to 40%


To train inscription, you will need a spellbook (containing the spells that you wish to try and write) and large amounts of blank scrolls. After double clicking the blank scrolls you will be prompted with a menu that asks what type of scroll you wish to try and create. Making a scroll depletes mana, and when your mana is low, you will have to use meditation to return it to full.

Inscription is complemented by the skill Item Identification, which when trained to a similar level as your inscription, will allow you more success with your crafting.

Skill Guide

20-30 - 2nd circle scrolls
30-40 - 3rd circle scrolls
40-50 - 4th circle scrolls
50-60 - 5th circle scrolls
60-65 - 6th circle scrolls

*When training a Scribe, it is recommended that Inscription is chosen to start at 50.0,as it can be a notoriously frustrating skill to train at low levels. Due to the scribe's low mana tick during meditation. As the regeneration of mana is slow for scribes, it is recommended to have a friend make campfires near you and/or use mana regeneration potions (though the latter option is more expensive).

Crafting Scrolls

Magery Scrolls

Below is a table of the 64 Magery spells that can be copied with the Inscription skill as well as the mana cost required for each circle.

Circle 1 (4 Mana) Circle 2 (6 Mana) Circle 3 (9 Mana) Circle 4 (11 Mana)
Circle 5 (14 Mana) Circle 6 (20 Mana) Circle 7 (40 Mana) Circle 8 (50 Mana)

Magery scrolls can be placed in spell books or can be used as is and confer the following advantages:

  • The ability to cast the spell without mana consumption
  • The ability to cast the spell with a much higher success rate (0% fail rate casting elementals with 100 magery)
  • The ability to "hold" the spell (i.e. the power of the spell does not fade).

The use of magery scrolls must be tempered with the perspective that they are notorious for scribes to make and hence expensive as a result.

Necromancy Scrolls

Image of a Full Codex Damnorum

Below is the list of Necromancy Scrolls able to be transcribed into a Codex Damnorum. These do not require mana to inscribe, some of them however require a much higher Inscription skill than even Circle 8 spells.

When Inscribing Necromancy scrolls, if you fail, you destroy the scroll. Scribes are unable to create necromancy scrolls- they are obtained from various monsters.

Lesser Chants Greater Chants

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