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Also known as Discordance and Leadership

By using this skill on monster you can provoke them to attack yourself.

Also at higher skill level allows you to acquire virtue shields or/and non player character.


To use the skill, either setup a macro in the in game macro options or just click the little blue gem next to the skill in the skill log.

Skill Guide

Below is a guide to get Enticement to 65 in skill.

Skill Subject(s) to Entice
0 - 20 Vendor Train, Wren, Dog, Cat
20 - 30 Chicken, Sheep, Cow, Deer, Pig
30 - 40 Sheep, Deer, Pig, Great Hart
40 - 50 Horse (Any), Llama, Corpser
50 - 60 Corpser, Black Bear
60 - 65 Cave Bear, Ursa

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