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Camping allows you to regenerate your health,stamina and mana by making a campfire. Campfire can be produced by using kindlings, which can be acquired by using your dagger on a tree or by using carpentry tools or skinning knife on logs.

  • The higher the skill, the more the campfire regenerates you.


Kindlings are scrap wood, which is used for making campfires.

How kindlings are made

Woodworkers with Carpentry or Bowcraft/Fletching can make kindlings much faster from logs than chipping them off a tree with a dagger. And you will require their services to train this skill, since it will take thousands and thousands of kindlings.

Besides for regular kindlings there are also special types made out of the corresponding log type. They have different effects from the regular type.

Special Kindling types
  • Banana Kindlings for stamina
  • Peach Kindlings for health
  • Pear Kindlings for mana

5 kindlings of any sort are required to make a campfire. Don't try to set up camp to heal up while in War Mode though. Anyone in war mode will disturb the camp, and so will guards or nearby hostile monsters.


Whenever you use kindlings, you create a campfire and a message above it will tell you the quality of the fire.

"Now that's a fire!" indicates you made a good campfire.
  • Good campfires last longer than bad ones
  • Good campfires provide increased health regeneration
  • Good campfires can attract poisonous snakes, so be careful

If a hostile monster or anybody in War Mode comes near the campfire, they will disturb the fire.

  • A disturbed campfire turns into a bad campfire, no longer providing health regeneration
  • A disturbed campfire no longer attracts snakes


When training the skill keep in mind if you make a good fire it might attract a snake who will poison you.

  • A good fire's regeneration can keep you alive through the poison, but a second snake might finish you off if you're unlucky.
  • To train this skill without a risk of snakes, you should be in War Mode


  • You can harvest kindlings from any tree with a dagger, using the dagger on a fruit tree will give fruits instead.
  • Getting the message "Now that's a fire!" indicates you made a good one, and it will increase your health regeneration.
  • Making a good campfire attracts snakes, so be careful.
  • Hostile monsters, and anyone in War Mode will disturb a good campfire, removing it's health regeneration and the danger of luring snakes.

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