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Allows you to track a player, higher the skill the greater the distance you can track from.

Once the tracking arrow times out or you run out of range of your quarry you get the message "You have lost your quarry"

The tracking gump

Creatures tracked with this skill are shown in their respective categories. The categories selectable include

Catigory Mobs
Footsteps When selected tracks your last target without needing selection
Players & Pets All players in range and their pets
Merchants/Evilhumans All human NPCs, both friendly and hostile
Wild animals All Wild Animals
Domestic animals All Domestic Animals
Lizardmen All Lizardmen
Ratmen All Ratmen
Orcs All Orcs
Overlandmobs Mongbat, Corpser, Ent, Reaper, Gazer
Freaks Horned beasts
Sphinx Sphinix
Meer All Meer
Shabooli All Shabooli and their horses
Undeads Zombie, Harpy, Valkerie, Headless one, Skeleton, Skeleton knights, Bone Magician, Bone Warlock, Lich


This skill is easy to train along with something like Camping since the two skills use two types of delays, items and skill delays.

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