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This skill determines how well you are able to use sword weapons, different skill levels allow you master a certain weapon.

Swordsmanship weapons can be poisoned with a poison potion, much like Fencing weapons can.

Weapons for Swordsmanship

Butcher knife 10%
Cleaver 20%
Hatchet 30%
Axe 30%
Bone harvester 40%
Cutlass 45%
Katana 50%
Scimitar 55%
Executioners axe 55%
Longsword 60%
Broadsword 65%
Double axe 65%
Large battle axe 75%
Two handed axe 80%
Bladed staff 82%
Bardiche 85%
No-Dachi 85%
Viking sword 90%
Paladin sword 92%
Crescent blade 95%
Scythe 95%
Halberd 100%

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