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Allows you to hide, while hidden other players or monsters cannot see you.

  • Training guide till 65%
  • 0-20% - Vendor Train
  • 20-30% - 0 person
  • 30-40% - 1 person
  • 40-50% - 2 people
  • 50-60% - 3 people
  • 60-65% - 4 people


This skill is very usefull if you are running away from something trying to kill you. You cannot hide when something is looking at you that wants to murder you, so break the line of sight(LoS) by running around a corner or going behind a tree. While hidden you cannot use any item, most skills nor can you equip new items although you can unequip them. Doing any of these things will reveal you.

Few things that will not reveal you while hidden: Using skills like hiding and stealth even if "you need to wait to preform another action", failing ether of those will reveal you however. The stealing skill can also be used while hidden, but getting caught will reveal you!

Reaching 65 Hiding will let you start training Stealth

Do not drink and hide: Your stumbling will reveal you very fast!

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