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Lumberjacking, also called Harvesting, allows a character to fell even the biggest of trees. This gathering skill is very important to those who practice in Carpentry or the art of Bowcrafting. Pangaea offers a diverse list of 15 wood types which can be gathered with Lumberjacking. Be warned however, a Lumberjack might disturb the ancient spirits living within the tree and awaken a Treefellow.

What lumberjacking is used for:

  • Chopping down Trees for logs
  • Harvesting from fields
  • Harvesting honey and wax from Beehives


To use the skill, acquire a hatchet or other axe type from either a blacksmith or tinker npc, equip it and double click it and target the tree you wish to chop.


This is how difficult each type is

Skill Tree Types to Chop
0 - 20 Vendor Train, Farm fields
30 Normal Trees (labeled "a tree" in-game when single clicked)
35 Willow
40 Cedar
45 Walnut
55 Apple
60 Cypress
65 Peach
65 Pear
70 Coconut
75 Oak
80 Banana
80 Yucca
85 Yew
90 O´hii
90 Date

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