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This skill allows you to try to steal an item from a player whose backpack you are Snooping or a random item from his worn backpack.

Disclaimer: This is a very hard skill to train, and even when fully trained does not guarantee you getting even the smallest items from anyone without risk of failure.

Using this skill

To use the skill just set up a macro for its use or click the blue gem. There are two things you can target: a player or an item in his backpack (requires snooping it first). Using it requires you to wear snooping gloves.

When using stealing there are 4 things that can happen. Keep in mind every criminal flag you get lasts 30 minutes, just like with Snooping

1. Total Failure: you do not get the item, and your attempt is noticed and you are flagged criminal for everyone.

2. Partial Failure: you do not get the item, but are not noticed by everyone. The victim notices and you are flagged criminal for the victim (the victim receives the *Someone is attacking you* above his head)

3. Partial Success: you get the item, but you are noticed by everyone. You are flagged criminal for everyone.

4. True Success: you get the item and are not noticed. Hence, you are not flagged criminal.

General tips for training

The weight of the item counts towards your success and failure rate, train with items that are your skill level divided by 10. So to train past 50 skill you will need an item that weighs 5 stones.

Wearing armor will only hinder you, so skip that for training.

Stealing a stack of items might work, but I didnt have much success with that for training, so probably better to stick with single items.

As with snooping, stay out of towns when training this. Its only gona get you into trouble.


Newbie item and containers can not be stolen.

You can not steal from a character that has been recently created. It needs to be about 2-4 weeks old. (pending edit)

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