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Herding allows you to move an animal into certain spot by using Shepherd's Crook.

Who can use it?


To use the skill, acquire a Shepherd's Crook and double click it and target the animal you wish to herd.


Below is a guide to get Herding to 65 in skill.

Skill Subject(s) to Herd
0 - 20 Vendor Train
20 - 55 Cat
55 - 65 Sheep


To use the skill, either setup a macro in the in game macro options or just click the little blue gem next to the skill in the skill log.


Below is a guide to get Animal Lore to 65 in skill.

Skill Subject(s) to Study
0 - 20 Vendor Train, Wren, Chicken
20 - 25 Goat
25 - 30 Cow
30 - 40 Wild boar, Horse (Any)
40 - 50 Horse (Any)
50 - 60 Shabooli Warhorse, Giant Serpent, Mountain Ostard
60 - 65 Praetorian War Ostard, Frost Wolf,

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