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Provocation skill requires an instrument to use, once the targets [target 1 and 2] have been selected you will either fail and anger the creature originally targeted, or be successful in which case the selected creature [target 1] will then start to attack the other creature [target 2]. This requires LOS as checks are made at the beginning and end of the skill.

Who can use it?

  • Only the bard gets this skill and train it too 100%


Tools of the Trade

This skill requires you to have a musical instrument within your inventory

Skill Guide

20-30 - Dog, sheep
30-40 - Wildboar, cow, brown horse
40-50 - Black horse, black bear
50-60 - Forest ostard, desert ostard


Keep in mind the most dangerous monsters in the world, like Lords of the Abyss, are so strong that a creature provoked to attack them has a 50% chance to simply run away in fear.

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