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Bowcraft/Fletching (often referred to as just Bowcraft) is a merchant skill, it is used to create a wide variety of different wooden weapons such as Bows and Staffs, and is also used to craft Instruments it can also be used to craft various other miscellaneous wooden items. The fletching aspect refers to the ability to make Arrows and Bolts for use with Archery weapons. They also repair staves and bows.

Who can use it?

  • Bowyers utilise Bowcraft as their primary skill and are able to train it to 100%.
  • Carpenters also have limited use of the skill and can train it to 40%


To train Bowcraft, you will require a number of different things, firstly wooden logs, which are obtained through Lumberjacking and using an axe on a tree. To craft the logs into weapons or instruments a skinning knife is required. After double clicking the knife and targeting the logs, you can choose what item to try and craft. The wooden weapons can be crafted in different qualities dependent on the crafter's skill.

To create arrows or bolts, the skinning knife is used once again, however you need to craft shafts, you must also have feathers in your inventory. When the shafts are complete you can double click on the shafts and choose what type of arrows or bolts to create. Different wood types can produce different types of elemental ammunition.

Bowcraft is complemented by the skill Arms Lore, which when trained to a similar level as your bowcraft, will allow you more success with your crafting.

Skill Guide

Its recommended to craft these items at each skill level, but there are possibly better items out there. So experiment and see what works best for you.

20-30 - Flutes made with normal logs
30-40 - Tamborine made with normal logs
40-50 - Tamborine with Ribbon made with walnut logs
50-65 - Lute made with normal logs

Crafting menu

Upgrading weapons and bows to 'Quality' costs additional 50% of the item's required log amount, and another 50% for 'Exceptional'. For example, a Quality Crossbow requires 30 logs, and Exceptional Crossbow 40 logs

  • Flute (5)
  • Tamborine (10)
  • Tamborine With Ribbon (10)
  • Lute (15)
  • Drum (15)
  • Harp (20)
  • Standing Harp (30)
  • Shepherd's Crook (20)
  • Quarter Staff (40)
  • Training Staff (40)
  • Mage Staff (30)
  • Druid Staff (30 + 35 Reaper Heartwoods)
  • Lich Staff (30 + 35 Deadwood)
  • Gnarlded Staff (30)
  • Black Staff (30)
  • Club (5)
  • Shafts (1)
  • Shortbow (15)
  • Bow (15)
  • Compositebow (30)
  • Longbow (25)
  • Crossbow (20)
  • Heavy Crossbow (25)
  • Repeating Crossbow (28)
  • Kindling (1) *You get 5 kindlings out of 1 log
  • Recall Rune (2)
  • Torch (5)
  • Fishing Pole (3)
  • Chess Board (75)
  • Backgammon Board (65)
  • Dice and Cup (10)

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