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Have you found yourself haunted by those pesky ghosts that constantly run around making oOooOOooo noises? Well perhaps you should learn how to speak with them. Learn the language of the dead by studying Spirit Speak.

Similar to Animal Lore, Spirit Speak has another name which is Necromancy. It empowers a Necromancer with the ability to be able to successfully cast his Chants.


It can be a tedious skill to raise as it can only be used once every few minutes, however, by allowing a friend of yours who might be in need of Healing training to kill you over and over again while using the skill in between every death, it is possible to see some decent gains in return for your time.

This is in no way an easy skill to master, but it is probably one of the cheaper ones and in fact you might even find it paying some gold if you find the right person who needs desperately to raise their Healing skill.

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