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This skill allows you to see into other players backpack by using snooping gloves. This is the brother skill to Stealing making your stealing attempts more concise.

Using this skill

Simply to use this skill is a risk. If you are noticed you will be branded a criminal for 30 minutes like with stealing.

When used there are a few possible outcomes

1) You successfully open the bag and have view-access to its contents.

2) You fail to snoop the backpack, but nobody noticed you. The victim however gets a message "[name] failed to snoop your backpack!"

3) You fail to snoop the backpack, but are noticed. You will become grey for everyone.

General tips for training

There is a type of hide that is better than most for training this, ask around.

You are going to need someone trustworthy to train with, and he will also needs to trust you. Most people dont like their backpacks contents being open to another person.

For crying out loud, don't do this inside towns. The guards go bananas and so will whatever religion owns the town. But also do it somewhere safe, since other people are free to kill you when you are a criminal.

2023 Update

Now you dont need the gloves anymore, simply try to open the back pack from someones elses paperdoll. Unsure if it makes you gray anymore.

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