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Training skills with vendors

copied from discord 17.april 2022: 8:49 PM] GM Oden: you don't need to hunt around for any vendors that train for more than another vendor, they all train by the same formula

[8:49 PM] GM Oden: so a healer will train in healing up 25% of your class' Healing skill cap and so does a priest

[8:49 PM] GM Oden: npc

[8:51 PM] GM Oden: I will update that in the changelog but feel free to update the wiki for anyone who wants to with that info


  1. Walk up to a vendor and say "Vendor train"
    • They will tell you what skills they can train, each vendor is different
  2. Say "Vendor train [Skill name]" (make sure you do not train skills that the class you wish to enter does not possess, check out the Class System and the Class you plan to join.
  3. Drag the amount of gold to the vendor that he has specified as a cost
    • the price represents how far they will train you. 200 coins to train you from 0-20% while if you already have gained some skill beforehand, the price will be lower to train you the rest of the way to 20%
  4. You have gained a portion of that skill, vendors cannot train you beyond 20%
    • Some vendors train you less than 20% in certain skills, but it's rare.

Vendors and Skills

All obsolete, check top line.

Vendor Vendor skills
AG shopkeep None
Alchemist Alchemy, Healing, TasteId,
Animal Trainer AnimalLore (20), Healing, AnimalTaming
Apothecary Anatomy, Healing, MagicResistance (20)
Armorer ArmsLore, Parry, Healing, Mining (20), Wrestling
Assassin DetectingHidden (17), Healing, Snooping, Poisoning, Stealing, Stealth, RemoveTrap
Baker Cooking, Healing
Banker None
Barber None
Bard Peacemaking, Enticement (20), Healing, Provocation, Musicianship
Barkeep Begging (not implemented), Healing, ForensicEvaluation (20), TasteId
Beekeep Healing
Bower Archery, Bowcraft, Healing, Wrestling
Butcher Cooking, Healing, Herding, TasteId
Carpenter Carpentry, Healing
Decorator Healing
Farmer Camping(12), Cooking, Healing, Tracking(12), Veterinary
Fisherman Healing, Fishing(20), Wrestling
Florist Camping(20), Healing
Gambler None
Harry the handyman None
Healer None
Innkeep Healing
Jewler ItemId(20), Healing
Leatherworker Healing, Herding, Tailoring
Mage EvaluatingIntelligence, Healing, Magery, MagicResistance, Meditation
Mapmaker Cartography, Healing, Inscription, Wrestling
Priest Healing, MagicResistance, SpiritSpeak
Provisioner Healing, Herding, TasteId
Ranger AnimalLore (12), Archery (20), Camping (12), Healing, Tailoring (12), AnimalTaming, Tracking (20), Veterinary (20), Lumberjacking, Wrestling
Scribe Healing, Inscription
Ship Captain None
Shipwright Healing, Fishing
Stablemaster None
Tailor Healing, Tailoring(20), Wrestling
Thief Healing, Hiding, Lockpicking, Stealing (20), Snooping (17), RemovingTrap (20)
Tinker Healing, RemoveTrap (12), Tinkering
Townworker Healing, Fencing, Macefighting (20)
Weaponsmith Blacksmithy, Healing

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