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Welcome! this is the substitute wiki for Pangaea World shard, because their official wiki has been broken since 2014 and hasn't been fixed due to lack of contact with the person managing their hosting.

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Contributing to the Wiki

Anyone playing on the Pangaea shard is welcome to contributing to this wiki, but you will need to ask an admin to create an account for you (this is to prevent spambots from entering).

Creating a wiki account

Simply let one of the admins know that you wish to become a contributor on the wiki and tell them what email you wish to use for your account and preferred username (suggestion would be to use the name of one of your characters).

Current admins

The current admins are MyraMidnight and Zano. Contact either of them if you need assistance with the wiki.

Good place to look for them is on the Pangaea discord, though Zano is also a counselor on the game server.