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an anvil and forge in Britain

Blacksmithy is a merchant skill, it is used to create a wide variety of different metal armours and also metal weapons , it can also be used to craft various other miscellaneous items. It also allows you to repair armors and weapons.

Once you start crafting item it rolls a dice and chances are calculated from your blacksmithy and arms lore skill %. Once you finish crafting the item that is created gets its quality.

Quality ranges from Below average -> normal quality -> above average -> exceptional -> elite, in order from worst to best. Elite weapons and armors can be named, after crafting if it is an elite there will be a gump asking for name for the item.

Who can use it?

  • Blacksmiths utilise Blacksmithy as their primary skill and are able to train it to 100%
  • Tinkers and Carpenters are also able to use the skill and can train it to 65%
  • Tailor has very limited use and is able to train it to 40%


To train Blacksmithy, you will require a number of different things, firstly raw metal ores, which are obtained by mining ore veins. Once collected, these ores can be smelted into ingots using a forge, when you have enough ingots a smith's hammer and anvil are required. When standing at an anvil, double clicking your hammer and targeting the ingots, you can choose which weapons and armour you will try to craft. These items can be crafted in different qualities dependent on the crafter's skill.

Blacksmithy is complemented by the skill Arms Lore, which when trained to a similar level as your blacksmithy, will allow you more success with your crafting.

Once you get good enough you can smelt any metallic item into the type of ingot its made from using tongs. The amount you get is not as much as goes into making the item, but at least you get something back.

Skill Guide

20-25 – Ringmail gloves
25-30 – Ringmail coif
30-35 – Ringmail arms
35-40 – Ringmail legs
40-45 – Ringmail tunic
45-50 – Chainmai gloves
50-53 – Chain coif
53-57 – Chain leggings
57-65 – Chainmail tunic

Smelting iron items

You need atleast 70 blacksmithy to smelt armor and weapons, the ammount of iron gained might be dependant on your skill

Crafting with Blacksmithy

View Crafting (blacksmith) for more info

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