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NPC merchants are referred to as vendors, and can be found running shops in every town, or wandering around. There are also player owned vendors that commonly occupying stalls in a public market.

Most vendors are able to vendor train certain skills, in exchange for payment. This saves you a lot of time and usually resources as well, when beginning your training.


You can find shops in all towns, which are run by NPC Vendors. Each shop can be considered a display of their profession, since they display many items connected to their trade. Each shop has a house-sign hanging outside that indicates what kind of vendor runs the shop. In some towns (such as Skara Brae) they share a shop, but only display one sign on the house. Most shops have unique names in each town, but the sign will always be the same for each profession.

Mayors can choose to fire or hire a vendor within their city or town that they govern, even guildmasters.


There are markets, such as the Mushroom Market outside of New Haven which is run by player owned vendors, and the owner can freely choose what their merchant will sell in the market.


A shop can only offer what the merchants within have for sale. Some merchants share a shop.

Vendors and their Wares
Vendor Items for sale
Alchemist Mortar and Pestle, Empty Bottles, Potions, Bags of Reagents, Reagents
Animal Trainer Horses and other animals.
Apothecary Skinning Knife, Scissors, Bandages, Brush, Straight Razor, Empty Bottle
Armorer Assay Kit, Iron Ingot, Shields, Ringmail Armor, Helmets, Chainmail Armor
Baker Cookbook, Frypan, Wooden Bowl, Rolling Pin, Sacks of Flour, Dough, Cookie Mix, Baked food, Bottle of Wine, Cheese
Bard Musical Instruments
Barkeep Beverages
Butcher Lard, Eggs, Spam, Cooked food, Raw Sausage, Raw Meat, Raw Fish Steaks
Bowyer Baskets, Staffs, Arrows, Bolts, Crossbows, Bows, Feathers and Shafts
Carpenter Wooden Chests, Metal Box, Strong Box, Barrel, Keg, Seam Ripper, Alembic, Heating Stand, Tool Kit, Knifes, Straight Razor, Pickaxe, Shovel, Dipping Stick, Carpentry Tools, Scissors, Lockpick
Decorator Skull with Candle, Scales, Decorative Weapons and Shields, Statues, Stretched Hide, Easel with Canvas, Paintings, Glowing Runes, Empty Jars, Dress Form, Water Barrel, Brazier, Candelabra
Farmer Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds
Fisherman Net, Fishing Pole, Fishes and Fish Steaks
Florist Potted Plants, Flowers
Innkeeper Fruits, Vegetables, Hey Sheave, Beverages
Jeweler Gemstones, Jewelery
Mage Spellbook, Recall Rune, Bags or Reagents, Reagents
Priest Books, Skinning Knife, Scissors, Bandages, Brush, Straight Razor,
Provisioner Guild Deed, Dice and Cup, Trash Barrel, Coconut, Key Ring, Keys, Blank Maps, Calendar, Wristwatch, Bandages, Hair Tonic, Brush, Straight Razor, Torch, Water Barrel, Pouch, Backpack, Bag
Leatherworker Water Barrel, Pouch, Backpack, Bag, Shoes, Hides, Leather Armor
Ranger Arrows, Bolts, Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Bow
Scribe Books, Spellbook, Blank Scroll, Magic Scrolls (spells)
Shipwright Deed to a Small Boat, Sextant
Tailor Straight Razor, Spool of Thread, Scissors, Sewing kit, Dying Tub, Dyes, Cloth and Clothes
Tinker Empty Bottles, Seam Ripper, Alembic, Heating Stand, Tool Kit, Knifes, Shovel, Pickaxe, Dipping Stick, Tinker's Tools, Carpenter Tools, Scissors, Lockpicks
Townworker Metal Chests, Ingots, Assay Kit, Metal Weapons, Knives, Tools
Weaponsmith Assay Kit, Iron Ingot, Knifes, Tools, Metal Weapons

Special Vendors

These special vendors get their own pages for more information, since they are not typical vendors. They often have their own commands and functions which normal vendors do not provide.

Vendors and their Wares
Vendor Business
Accountant Allows the mayor to transfer money between towns
Animal Trainer Animal Trainers will buy your pets
Banker Bankers let you access a private bank storage, and manage it
Barber Barbers change your hairstyle, even change your hair color
Healer They resurrect you and heal, also give you Night Sight if you ask for a light
Ship Captain They will sail you around the world
Stablemaster Sells nothing, but can be payed to Stable your pets
Gambler Gamblers will make you gamble your money away
Harry the Handyman Provides special service
Player Vendors They sell whatever the owner decides, which is another player

Vendor Commands

These commands are pretty universal for store vendors.

Command Description
buy Will bring up a buy menu near any vendor selling items, works with most vendors.
sell Will bring up a sell menu of the items you are carrying in your main pack, it can also be used to sell tamed animals of yours, works with most vendors.
sell all Will bring up a target cursor with which you can choose a single item to sell, works with most vendors.
sell bag Will sell any items in bag, that is being bought by that specific vendor.
join Will let you join either of these : base-class guild masters, profession guild masters and virtue guards or chaos guards.
retire Will let you retire from a profession or a virtue/chaos guard position.
vendor train Will display a lists of skills a vendor can train you in. Remember, skills he cannot teach you in further will not be displayed, but skills denied from your class/profession will.
vendor train [skill] Add a skill name to the sentence and you will be asked to pay an amount to the vendor, you will receive the skill instantly.
job Will give you a job at a vendor, if you have any trading skills worth mentioning, just hand the vendor back the bag and you will receive your payment, works with most vendors.

Example Vendor Commands:

  • Im selling some items
  • I wish to sell all of these
See NPC Commands for more information.

Training skills with vendors

Vendors are NPC merchants that you can interact with to sell and buy items. Some of them are also able to train you in certain skills in exchange for gold, but only up to 20%


  1. Walk up to a vendor and say "Vendor train"
    • They will tell you what skills they can train, each vendor is different
  2. Say "Vendor train [Skill name]" (make sure you do not train skills that the class you wish to enter does not possess, check out the Class System and the Class you plan to join.
  3. Drag the amount of gold to the vendor that he has specified as a cost
    • the price represents how far they will train you. 200 coins to train you from 0-20% while if you already have gained some skill beforehand, the price will be lower to train you the rest of the way to 20%
  4. You have gained a portion of that skill, vendors cannot train you beyond 20%
    • Some vendors train you less than 20% in certain skills, but it's rare.

Vendors and Skills

Work in progress
Vendor Vendor skills
AG shopkeep None
Alchemist Alchemy, Healing, TasteId,
Animal Trainer AnimalLore (20), Healing, AnimalTaming
Apothecary Anatomy, Healing, MagicResistance (20)
Armorer Parry, Healing, Mining (20)
Assassin DetectingHidden (17), Healing, Snooping, Poisoning, Stealing, Stealth, RemoveTrap
Baker Cooking, Healing
Banker None
Barber None
Bard Peacemaking, Enticement (20), Healing, Provocation, Musicianship
Barkeep Begging (not implemented), Healing, ForensicEvaluation (20), TasteId
Beekeep Healing
Bower Bowcraft, Healing
Butcher Cooking, Healing, Herding, TasteId
Carpenter Carpentry, Healing
Decorator Healing
Farmer Camping, Cooking, Healing, Tracking, Veterinary
Fisherman Healing, Fishing
Florist Camping(20), Healing
Gambler None
Harry the handyman None
Healer None
Innkeep Healing
Jewler ItemId, Healing
Leatherworker Healing, Herding, Tailoring
Mage EvaluatingIntelligence, Healing, Magery, MagicResistance, Meditation
Mapmaker Cartography, Healing, Inscription
Priest Healing, MagicResistance, SpiritSpeak
Provisioner Healing, Herding, TasteId
Ranger AnimalLore, Archery (20), Camping (12), Healing, Tailoring, AnimalTaming, Tracking (20), Veterinary (20), Lumberjacking
Scribe Healing, Inscription
Ship Captain None
Shipwright Healing, Fishing
Stablemaster None
Tailor Healing, Tailoring
Thief Healing, Hiding, Lockpicking, Stealing (20), Snooping (17), RemovingTrap (20)
Tinker Healing, RemoveTrap (12), Tinkering
Townworker Healing, Fencing
Weaponsmith Blacksmithy, Healing

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